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Five things I think I think about Odell Beckham

Yes, we have to go down this road one more time

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

First, an apology. I really hate going down this road with today’s “Five things I think I think” column, but in the current climate making this about Odell Beckham Jr. can’t really be helped. So, here are some of my thoughts on the New York Giants star receiver.

Beckham has to fix this himself

Sadly, Beckham has turned the spotlight on himself for all the wrong reasons. Cheap shots and taunts hurled at him in the media and on the field, opinions and offers of advice are a dime a dozen right now. Beckham is the only one who can fix this mess. No matter who tries to help him, Beckham has to be willing to help himself. My advice to him? Stop playing the victim card. Stop whining to the press. Stop reacting to every perceived injustice, every unnecessary bump on the field. Opponents know they can get in your head, so they will keep doing it. Play football. Use your extraordinary talent. Help the Giants win games. That’s what you say you want, so be quiet and do that.

I really do believe Beckham is a quality young man who wants nothing more than to help the Giants win Super Bowl titles. I hope that he can find a way to let that show through.

At least the Internet is having fun

Beckham might not be having fun anymore, but the Internet certainly is.

A test for Ben McAdoo

If you thought the Josh Brown saga put McAdoo in a bad spot, that was nothing compared to what he and the Giants face with Beckham.

McAdoo tried going public with his view after the Washington game that Beckham had to be “less of a distraction.” Beckham bristled at that. He also didn’t get the message.

This week, McAdoo pretty much tried to deflect questions about Beckham, saying largely that he and his teammates will have fun when the Giants’ offense plays better.

McAdoo has said that it “takes time” to help a player with issues like this. Problem is, this is Beckham’s third season and the situation hasn’t gotten better. Instead, Beckham just keeps digging a bigger hole for himself.

Can McAdoo help him? Beckham is headed down a path where his greatness as a player is overshadowed, and hindered, by the histrionics. In the end, the distraction, the constant questions, the seemingly constant need to pay attention to Beckham’s emotions, has to hurt the team.

Maybe Beckham needs to be benched if something like what happened the past two weeks occurs again. I don’t really know if that will help. For the sake of the Giants, and Beckham, let’s hope McAdoo and the organization has an answer. Beckham is an extraordinary talent, and no one wants to see his emotions short-circuit what should be a great career.

Thanks but no thanks, Tom

So, former Giants coach Tom Coughlin thinks Beckham is “a distraction” but that he “would love to try to help him.”

You had two years to do that, Tom. Part of the reason you don’t coach the Giants any longer is because of the way you failed to handle what happened last season against the Carolina Panthers.

You had your chance.

Beckham’s not the Giants’ only problem

Beckham is the team’s biggest headache, their biggest distraction. I have seen calls for the Giants to trade him, which they simply can’t do right now. Maybe down the line if Beckham can’t gain control of himself the Giants will have a decision to make about whether or not Beckham’s long-term future is in New York. Now? The Giants are looking up from the bottom of the NFC East and they have several other issues to solve.

They need to figure out how to score more points, and yes that includes doing a better job getting the ball to Beckham. They need to stop hurting themselves with penalties and turnovers. They need to figure out a way to rush the passer. They need to get some of their injured players in the secondary back.

Beckham needs to help this team by just playing football, there are few receivers who do that better. Stop making his coaching staff and his teammates worry about and answer for his emotional state. Let them worry about doing their own jobs. Maybe, just maybe, that will help the Giants solve some of their other issues.