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Giants-Vikings, post-game quotebook: Mistakes, penalties, turnovers doom the Giants

The New York Giants react to their poor performance in a loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

With their second straight loss by an ugly score of 24-10, the New York Giants looked helpless against the Minnesota Vikings. If the play on the field looked bad, the post-game reactions might even be uglier. But to begin, Ben McAdoo attempted to keep his composure and boost the team's confidence.

"I thought we played hard tonight," McAdoo said. "Good team on the road, we spotted them two possessions. We can't do that."

It is clear that McAdoo's major disappointment is with the continued carelessness with the ball. He claims the message is clear about ball security.

"We got to eliminate the turnovers. You can't give a good team on the road -- especially this team -- can't give them two possessions. The message is getting through, I just think we need to take care of the ball. We need to catch the punt obviously. And there was a collision that happened on the interception, and the ball was outside. And they made a nice play on it."

For Eli Manning, the issue in his eyes are the many penalties that plagued the team.

"Penalties will hurt you, or removing yards," Manning said. "You're also going backyards. Second and long, third and long. We had some decent drives to start the game but just couldn't -- the first two drives moved the ball pretty good but penalties on both on them stalled it."

A large reason of why the offense failed to move the ball was the ineffectiveness of Odell Beckham Jr. Once again, he was entangled in these extracurricular activities after it appears that Xavier Rhodes made contact after the whistle. Beckham was none too happy about it but Manning did not see what happened. But he offers words of advice to his star receiver.

"I didn't see it," Manning said. "I didn't have a great view of it. It looked like there was a little action on the sidelines -- I don't know if they hit them late -- I think that's what he thought ... He's got to be aware. People are looking for him, he's got to play smart. He just can't afford to do anything that are called. He brought it upon himself, so he's got to realize that."

Beckham was a little deflective on the incident with Rhodes when pressed.

"I don't know," Beckham said. "Just out there playing football -- it's a man's sport. You have to protect yourself at all times. I think things got that way, and I just got to know where I'm at. I just got to know it's all against me. It's going to be that way. I have to assume that I'm always in the wrong no matter what. That's something that's a tough pill to swallow but you have to understand it. You have to be able to cope with it."

Clearly, Beckham is upset about the late hits and continues to say that he will defend himself.

"It's not really my call -- I guess you have to talk to the NFL. But clearly, like I said, you have to protect yourself. Going out of bounds, people diving at your legs, diving at you out of bounds. Like I said this is a man's sport. And I'm not going to be out there taking hits."

This team is frustrated after two weeks of flat play and bad losses. Leadership is trying to remain in control but they are certainly being tested this early into the season. As Orleans Darkwa says: