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Rich Eisen continues poking fun at Ben McAdoo’s play-calling

Eisen’s frustration shared by many Giants fans

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
How come Ben McAdoo can’t find anything that works on that massive play sheet?
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Rich Eisen took a direct shot at the lack of imagination in the play-calling of New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo during the NFL Network broadcast of Sunday’s New York Giants-Los Angeles Rams game, one I couldn’t resist bringing up in Monday morning’s “Kudos & Wet Willies.”

"For a man with such a large play sheet, he only calls about 5 plays."

Eisen continued poking fun at McAdoo during his radio show on Monday.

"It's the largest disparity in the size of a play sheet and the number of plays that are actually being called,” Eisen ranted. "That thing (play sheet) is monster big ... it's like one of those poster boards you see people walking on the street corners with.

"How many plays are on the sheet and then it seems like they run the same damn play over and over and over again.”

The Giants finished the game with just 13 first downs, their lowest total of the season, and 232 total yards, their second-lowest total.

Is it lack of creativity, or something else, holding back the Giants’ offense? I’m sure we will examine that topic in greater detail during the bye week. For now, though, have fun discussing Eisen’s rant.