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Giants-Rams post-game quotebook: Giants all smiles after London win

The New York Giants react to their London victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is calm as calm can be for the New York Giants, who are heading into the bye with a 17-10 victory over the Los Angeles Rams. To start things off, Ben McAdoo was praising the physicality of his team -- specifically regarding the defense.

"I thought it was a gutsy win," McAdoo said. "For our guys they played hard, they played through a lot and hung together. Defense did a great job coming up with the ball -- four times for us -- and we hung in there on offense. We found the way to get the win."

In particular, the man of the hour is Landon Collins. The Giants may have played in London, but the Rams offense played through Landon. He picked the ball off twice from deflections but was able to turn his first one into a spectacular 44 yard touchdown. McAdoo had nothing but praise for the young safety.

"Tremendous effort by Landon," McAdoo said. "For him, he looked like a running back. For him to be able to tuck the ball away and push the pile through the red zone shows a lot. He shows up all over the field. He's very productive, he's a very productive young player. He's a tremendous tackler which I don't think he gets enough credit for and he's getting better playing the ball."

As impressive as Collins and the defense was, the offense had another rough stretch.

"Tough day for the offense, it's a good defense we faced," McAdoo said. "We completed the ball at a decent rate. Thought we had some more opportunities out there, third down was a tough down for us. Again we have to find a way to get the running game going ... It gets us something to work on [during the bye], that's for sure. We made some progress early on the season running the ball, haven't been as great lately. So we have some work to do there."

Here is what some of the players were saying after the game.

Eli Manning

"Well, they (the Rams) did a good job," Manning said. "They did a good job getting a pass rush, showing multiple looks. Bailing out, having seven guys in the box, bailing out and playing types of -- undercutting man, double guys. So they did a good job taking away a couple of our receivers. We got a few things, we didn't get an opportunity down the field much. They did a good job with the pressure, good d-line and just tough to get into a rhythm and hit a bunch of big plays.

"I think we were ready. Guys felt good, we just didn't play as well as we needed to. We didn't make too many mistakes and didn't make it easy for their offense. Defense was playing well and we stayed patient and you got to give them credit. Their defense played well, had a good plan."

Victor Cruz

"We're excited about it, obviously a two game win streak," Cruz said. "We want to continue to keep this upward swing, I think the bye week comes at a perfect time where we get some guys healed up and get some things going into the next week against -- I believe we're in home against  Philly -- in two weeks so just continue to get ourselves healthy and continue on an upwards path."

Odell Beckham Jr.

"It was cool," Beckham said. "I've been out here a couple times, I love it. It's an amazing place. I was just thankful for the opportunity, the fans were great. It was an amazing atmosphere."

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And to cap off the day, here's a special message from Collins himself.