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Annie Apple critical of John Mara over Josh Brown situation

Shares personal story of domestic abuse

NFL Draft - Red Carpet
Eli and Annie Apple
Photo by Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

There has, as you likely know, been a barrage of criticism directed toward New York Giants’ co-owner John Mara over has handling, or lack of handling, of the Josh Brown domestic violence situation. Much of that has come from yours truly.

None, though, may be as heartfelt, as personal and as important to read as what Annie Apple, domestic abuse survivor and mom of Giants’ cornerback Eli Apple, penned for Sports Illustrated this morning.

Here is part of what she wrote:

The comments made by the owner of the New York football Giants were insensitive, dismissive and callous. How are you a so-called champion of domestic violence but lack basic compassion for a victim? Yes, this man signs my son's checks as I've been reminded on Twitter. Mr. Mara owns the New York Giants. He doesn't own Annie Apple. Wrong is wrong. And Mr. Mara's comments were unapologetically wrong and hit at a raw place. ...

Some have called me a distraction because speaking up for a cause the Giants have reportedly championed for years makes me a distraction. Others have called me a hero for speaking up. Honestly, I'm not a hero. I'm not special. I just know that in life, there are times when certain things are more important than your personal comfort or the game of football. This is one of those times.

I know you are getting ready to root on the Giants today against the Los Angeles Rams. What Apple wrote is gut-wrenching, personal and important. Take time to read it. Mara certainly should.