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Josh Brown won’t travel to London — Here is Giants’ statement

Brown has not been cut; team says it will “review” new documents and “remain supportive” of Brown

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John Mara
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Josh Brown will not travel to London with the New York Giants for their game Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams. The Giants say they will “revisit” his status after they return from London.

Here is a statement from the team:

Josh Brown will not travel with the team to London.

In light of the news reports regarding the documents released by the State of Washington yesterday, we think it makes sense to review this newly disclosed information and to revisit this issue following our trip to London.

The Giants do not condone or excuse any form of domestic violence. Josh has acknowledged that he has issues in his life and has been working on these issues through therapy and counseling for a long period of time. We remain supportive of Josh and his efforts.

Brown has not been cut. The Giants also have not announced any type of roster move to ensure that they have a placekicker for Sunday’s game. Sadly, between now and Sunday, the Giants will have to sign a new kicker and — unless Brown is put on some type of exemption list by the NFL — cut a player who will lose his job despite having nothing to do with this situation.

Valentine’s View: Brown should be cut now by Giants

Co-owner John Mara told Mike Francesa on WFAN that Brown has made a “good faith effort to rehabilitate himself” and that it is “too early to tell” what long-term decision the Giants will make about Brown’s future.

“We want to accumulate as much info as we can. We'll make that determination at the appropriate time,” Mara said. "We think we need to gather some more information before we make a final decision."

Mara said he was “disturbed” by the recent revelations, but that he was “still comfortable” with the Giants’ original decision.

"You have to make decision on the information you have in front of you. Based on the information we had we were comfortable with that decision and I'm still comfortable with that decision,” Mara said. "What happens now I'm just not sure."

Coach Ben McAdoo told Francesa the Giants were “kicking the tires” on a couple of potential replacements for Brown.

“We’re kicking the tires on a couple of guys,” he said. “And there are some options out there. There are guys who have some experience, who have actually kicked overseas. We’ve been on the phone with them, and we’ll see how it shakes out.”

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Twitter has been on fire with criticism of the Giants from media and the fan base alike.

Is what the Giants did here enough for you? At least for now?