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Ben McAdoo press conference: Takeaways on DRC, Beckham, more

Giants want clarification on penalty

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants coach Ben McAdoo Monday addressed the controversial pass interference call against Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie during Sunday’s victory over the Baltimore Ravens, more histrionics with Odell Beckham, and other topics during a conference call. Let’s look at a few takeaways.

On the DRC pass interference penalty

McAdoo said Sunday night that the Giants would review the play and send it to the league for clarification if they felt that to be necessary.Well, apparently they do.

“We’re going to send that in and get some feedback from the league. Get their interpretation,” he said.

On Odell Beckham

The coach wasn’t happy about Odell Beckham Jr. getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

“He came up to me right after. We had a discussion about it. Can’t have it. He knows that. He went out and wanted to fire up the kickoff coverage and the defense. He knows we can’t have it,” McAdoo said.

What about Beckham’s sideline antics with the kicking net?

“We need to keep our focus on the ballgame,” McAdoo said.

As for Beckham’s health following Sunday’s hip pointer, McAdoo said the wide receiver was getting treatment and “I’m sure he’s going to be sore.”

On the upcoming London trip

How will the trip affect the Giants’ preparation schedule?

It’s going to be a little bit different at the end of the week, for sure. When we come to finalizing the plan on all three phases, a lot of that will be done on the plane or in London. We’ll have the foundation for everything set early. We just have to be smart,” McAdoo said.

“We’ll change some things up on Friday. We’ll have our normal Fresh Friday. Just make sure we get them moving right away after we sleep on the plane. Get them going and moving. Give them a chance to recover. Get them off their feet.Saturday, we’ll change up the afternoon a little bit. Give them more time to spend with their teammates. If they want to take a nap, give them some time to do that. We will be smart with our meeting time on Saturday.”

On eliminating “bad football”

McAdoo pointed to several things the Giants, despite Sunday’s victory, need to do better.

“As a team moving forward, we need to eliminate the bad football that’s on film. Lining up offside, unsportsmanlike conduct that forces us to kick from the 20. A drag route in two-minute, we have to get the first down there. Dropping a back in man coverage,” he said. “There’s things we need to clean up that are going to come back and bite us if we don’t.”