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Jonathan Casillas debunks MMA rumors: Five Giants who should try

Which Giants would you like to see in the Octagon?

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Ronda Rousey is returning to MMA. So, here are five Giants who should try the Octagon.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

New York Giants linebacker Jonathan Casillas had to shoot down a silly rumor this week that he was considering starting a second career in MMA. That got me to thinking, though. There are a few current and former Giants who I might like to see give the Octagon a try. Here are five.

Justin Pugh

The Giants’ guard already spends his offseasons doing MMA-style training at Jay Glazer’s Unbreakable Performance Center. So, hey, why not test out those skills?

Tiki Barber

Simple reason. What Giants fan wouldn’t want to see Barber lying on the mat getting pummeled?

Brandon Jacobs

The former Giants running back was a quality amateur boxer. It’s too late for him to turn to being a pro boxer, but he’s certainly got the attitude and aggression for MMA.

Lawrence Taylor

He’s too old now, but a few years ago? He’s definitely crazy enough. Besides, he did do this:

Steve Weatherford

Our old friend and former favorite punter is certainly in good enough physical condition. Hey, Steve, gotta do something with all those muscles other than just flex ‘em in magazines!

Bonus choice

I know I said a list of five, but I can’t help but wonder about Odell Beckham as an MMA fighter. I mentioned it to Chris and he dropped the following GIF with this quote: "In the best tradition of Street Fighter bonus rounds, Odell Beckham could face inanimate objects.”

As for me, Beckham’s certainly got enough pent-up aggression. Besides, maybe then defensive backs would leave him alone.