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Giants’ Ben McAdoo: “Every week is a must-win”

Coach discusses team’s prep for Baltimore Ravens

Washington Redskins v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The New York Giants have lost three straight games. They are last in the NFC East. They, obviously, need a win Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens to get back on track. Coach Ben McAdoo, asked Wednesday if he would classify the game as a “must-win” reacted the way you would expect a football coach to react.

“A must-win? Every week is a must-win. That's what you're working for every week,” he said. “You go out on the field, you put in your preparation, you practice, you coach. You try to win every game.”

Here are some other takeaways from McAdoo’s Wednesday press conference.

On what new cornerback Coty Sensabaugh brings ...

“A veteran corner who's played a lot of football. He has a versatility inside and outside and we're glad to have him on board.”

Could Sensabaugh help Sunday?

“We'll see how the week goes. He had a good start to the week today. We had him out on the field a little bit yesterday for an opportunity practice, typically reserved for some young players but he jumped in with both feet.”

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On Baltimore’s switch to Marty Mornhinweg as offensive coordinator ...

“I think he's been in the room with Joe (Flacco) for a little while and you have to be smart as far as how you approach the game. You really have to trust your scheme and your training that way. I'm sure that they'll still have things they hang their hat on schematically. Some tendencies may change and we'll see how the game goes.”

On why the Giants haven’t run the ball well the past couple of games ...

“I think it's a factor of a lot of things. The type of games we've been in the last two games. We had a chance to have a couple of runs come out in Minnesota. We got some nice runs in Green Bay; they're a tough team to run against, they defend the run well. They're top in the league and we're going to have another big challenge this week. They (Ravens) do a nice job against the run. They're ranked high in a lot of categories and they are a physical, thick unit. So, we have our work cut out for us. ...

“It comes down to blocking. We need to block, we need to stay engaged, we need to finish better. The backs need to see it clean and put their shoulders down and knock a hole through it.”

On the lack of a pass rush ...

“We've played some good teams. We've played some good offensive lines. Played some good quarterbacks and there are times when you pin your ears back and you go, and there are other times when you make a muddy ‘A’ gap and try to push the pocket in there to not let the quarterback out. It all depends on the opponent.”

On whether Ereck Flowers would sit at all for disciplinary reasons ...

“You want me to tip my hand? ... He started in practice at left tackle today.”