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Tom Coughlin to Eagles? Philadelphia reportedly asks permission to interview him

Ex-Giants coach could interview in Philly as early as Monday.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Former New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin said during his farewell press conference that he was "not necessarily" done with coaching. Having left the door open, it figured to only be a matter of time before someone expressed interest. Now the Philadelphia Eagles reportedly have.

Yes, even though Coughlin is no longer Giants coach the Eagles have to request permission from the Giants.

How weird would that be, and how stomach-turning if Coughlin were to go into Philadelphia and turn the Eagles into a winner?

FOX Sports said Coughlin would need "the right situation" in order to coach again. Do the Eagles qualify? That probably depends on whether Coughlin sees them as a team with a roster close to winning or a team in need of a rebuild.

The Giants did not fire Coughlin. They did not fight him on stepping down, however, and made it clear they felt GM Jerry Reese rather than Coughlin was the guy who could get them turned around after three straight losing seasons. You know Coughlin would love the chance to prove them wrong.