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Giants Landon Collins makes Mel Kiper's All-Rookie Team

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Second-round pick named to Kiper's squad.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 draft has been over for some time now, but that doesn't mean Mel Kiper's job is finished. With the close of the 2015 season, the time for evaluation is now, especially for the rookie draft class. Kiper has just unleashed his All-Rookie"team and one member of the 2015 New York Giants draft class has been included. It has been an inconsistent rookie season for Landon Collins but it seems he has done enough to impress the ESPN draft expert.

"Give Collins a lot of credit," Kiper stated. "A lot was asked of him, and while he struggled plenty, he gave the Giants reps, led the rookie class in tackles and is going to get better."

While certainly Collins had his struggles, it bears mentioning that the Alabama safety was slated as a starter the second he was drafted. He definitely lived up to the expectation as he was a rare Giants rookie to start all 16 games. While his immediate play wasn't stellar, Collins looks to be a building block of a Giants team that desperately  needs a foundation for the future.

Hopefully, this foundation will include Ereck Flowers, who didn't make the cut in Kiper's list. However, he received an honorable mention with some complimentary remarks from the draft guru.

"I give Ereck Flowers serious kudos, however," Kiper wrote. "He was put in a tough spot and competed. He'll get better."