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"Big Blue Chat:" Bob Papa shares memories of Tom Coughlin, talks Giants' future

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New York Giants radio play-by-play man and well-known broadcaster Bob Papa joined the "Big Blue Chat podcast with Pat Traina (Inside Football/Bleacher Report) and myself this week. The end of the Tom Coughlin era and the search for a new head coach were, of course, the focus of our discussion.

Papa shared many of his memories of working closely with the long-time Giants head coach, his thoughts on Coughlin's memorable farewell press conference, the mood of the organization since Coughlin left, John Mara saying the franchise had lost some credibility, what the Giants may look for in a new coach and more.

Pat and I also discussed Coughlin's exit and speculated about the various candidates the Giants are reportedly focused on in their search to replace their two-time Super Bowl winning coach.

If you have never listened to our podcast before, this would be a good time to start. Papa's segment alone is worth your time.