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Pat Flaherty candidate for OL coaching post with Indianapolis Colts?

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Flats latest member of Giants to be connected with other jobs.

Pat Flaherty
Pat Flaherty
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

These are uncertain times for the New York Giants, a franchise that craves certainty and stability. Tom Coughlin is gone, and members of his coaching staff and the team's front office are dipping their toes in the water to see what other opportunities may be available.

The latest Giant to be associated with a potential opportunity elsewhere is veteran offensive line coach Pat Flaherty, who is being mentioned as a candidate for that same job with the Indianapolis Colts.

Protecting Luck has been an issue for the Colts. Luck played in only seven games this season. In four seasons he has played in 55 games and been sacked 115 times. Luck has been sacked on 5.2 percent of his career drop backs.

Flaherty was Giants offensive line coach for Coughlin's entire 12-year tenure.

Offensive coordinator Ben McAddo has interviewed for the team's head-coaching job, as well as the top job with the Philadelphia Eagles. Front office executives Marc Ross and Kevin Abrams are also candidates for general manager jobs with other organizations.