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Detroit Lions to interview Giants' Assistant GM Kevin Abrams

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Abrams joins list of Giants' coaches and execs getting interest from other teams.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants just finished a third straight losing season and bid goodbye to a beloved long-time coach. Co-owner John Mara believes all that losing has cost his franchise credibility. The recent struggles, however, are not stopping other teams from inquiring about Giants' coaches and executives.

We know that offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo is a candidate for the Philadelphia Eagles head-coaching job, as well as for the Giants' vacancy. The Tennessee Titans have expressed interest in Giants' Vice President of Player Evaluation Marc Ross. Now the Detroit Lions have reportedly expressed interest in speaking with Giants' Assistant GM Kevin Abrams about their vacancy.

Who is Abrams? He has been the Giants' assistant GM for 14 seasons, first serving under Ernie Accorsi and now under Jerry Reese. He specializes in the salary cap, and was the team's salary cap analyst for three seasons prior to the promotion to assistant GM.

Accorsi is serving as a consultant for the Lions as they search for a general manager. The former Giants GM was a consultant for the Carolina Panthers a few seasons back when they plucked Dave Gettleman out of the Giants front office to become their general manager.