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Did Tom Coughlin snub John Mara?

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After Coughlin's brisk exit following his farewell press conference, people are wondering whether or not there are hard feelings between he and John Mara.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Before leaving the podium at the end of his farewell press conference, Tom Coughlin spoke briefly about Eli Manning's future.

After that emotional moment, he quickly exited stage right, and left the room.

Observers quickly noticed that Coughlin didn't stop to shake John Mara's hand, brushing right past him. Speculation quickly began that there despite what both Coughlin said, and Mara would soon say, there were hard feelings between the Giants' former coach and current owner.

Those who are regular attendees at the Coughlin's press conferences, don't believe that. They maintain that Coughlin followed his usual routine of not wasting time on pleasantries after talking to the media.

It seems that there's nothing to see here, the two were talking and even hugging in private after Mara's presser.

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