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Giants' Marc Ross to interview for Titans GM job

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Ross has run Giants' college scouting operation since 2007

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants did not announce any changes to the front office or scouting department on Monday when Tom Coughlin stepped down after 12 years as head coach. The whirlwind of change that has created a number of coach and general manager openings around the league could, however, force a change upon the Giants.

Marc Ross, Giants Vice President of Player Evaluation, is reportedly under consideration by the Tennessee Titans for their vacant general manager job.

Ross joined the Giants when Jerry Reese took over as GM in 2007. His responsibilities primarily include college scouting and the draft.

Here is something I wrote recently about Ross:

Ross is a curious case. He has been interviewed or considered a candidate for as many as eight general manager jobs since 2012. As far as I can tell he has interviewed for at least a half-dozen of those jobs. He has rarely gotten a second interview and obviously hasn't gotten any of those jobs. Currently, when you see NFL insiders make lists of potential GM candidates, Ross's name doesn't even come up. That has to tell you that league decision-makers have reached a conclusion about Ross, and it isn't a favorable one.

The Titans are the only team we know of to have shown interest in Ross during this hiring cycle.