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Eli Manning on Tom Coughlin: The most emotional we've ever seen him

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Eli Manning had to hold back tears as he talked about Tom Coughlin on Monday.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The media was given access to the New York Giants' players this morning, and all questions were about the future of Tom Coughlin and the Giants.

Eli Manning finds himself in a unique position with regards to Tom Coughlin, and it is most definitely not an easy one. The Giants' quarterback, long known for his cold-blooded emotionless demeanor on the field, was visibly on the verge of tears as reporters asked him about Tom Coughlin.

We can hardly blame Eli for his feelings. In his 12 years as an NFL quarterback, Manning has never played for any head coach but Coughlin and their 183 consecutive starts together is the longest such streak for a head coach/quarterback duo in league history.

Eli spoke glowingly of his relationship with Coughlin, the coach's preparation, and football mind, and said that Coughlin admired how Eli plays the quarterback position and "handles his business". When asked how he feels about potentially having to learn a whole new offense -- again -- at this point in his career, Eli said that "It obviously would not be ideal.but we didn't get the job done."

More than his words, to see the emotional rock that is Eli Manning -- a man who's reserve surprises even his family and men such as Michael Strahan -- being so openly emotional is unsettling.