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Giants Jay Bromley denies rape allegation, won't be charged -- report

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"He didn't do it."

New York Giants defensive tackle Jay Bromley won't be arrested after a woman charged on Saturday that Bromley tried to rape and assault her, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

From the Daily News:

A police source did not elaborate why the NYPD would not bring charges, only saying "he didn't do it."

Also according to the Daily News, Bromley's manager, Keko Payne, denied the allegations, saying they were "absolutely not" true.

Bromley, a 2014 third-round draft choice out of Syracuse University, is a player many fans have clamored to see more of as the Giants struggled to 6-10 records the past two seasons.

If indeed Bromley, 23, did nothing more wrong here than exercise some questionable judgment in who to hook up with that would be a relief for the Giants and new head coach Ben McAdoo. The Giants have enough holes to fill on their roster without off-the-field legal issues creating more.