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New York Giants Super Bowl moments: No. 8 -- Mark Ingram's "broken play"

Let's revisit "The Broken Play."

George Rose/Getty Images

Number 8 on our list of the top 10 New York Giants Super Bowl moments is one of the great individual efforts you will ever see. One that typified the Giants team that defeated the Buffalo Bills, 20-19, in Super Bowl XXV.

No. 8 -- Mark Ingram's "broken play"

Super Bowl XXV, Jan. 27, 1991 -- To accomplish incredible team victories, sometimes players have to accomplish incredible individual feats. Such was the case with Mark Ingram of the Giants in Super Bowl XXV against the Bills. The Giants trailed the Bills, 12-10, and faced third-and-13 at the Buffalo 32-yard line when Ingram had his incredible moment.

Quarterback Jeff Hostetler dumped a short pass over the middle to Ingram at the 26-yard line. When he caught the ball, Ingram was seven yards shy of a first down. He made three Buffalo defenders miss and dragged a fourth to the 18-yard line for a first down. Five plays later the Giants took a lead they would never relinquish when Anderson went one yard for a touchdown.