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Tragedy strikes family of former Giant Danny Ware

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Former Giants' running back Danny Ware lost his son in a tragic accident.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Saturday seems to be a day of bad news for the New York Giants.

Former running back Danny Ware has suffered an unspeakable personal tragedy, posting the following on his Facebook page.

My life has been a roller coaster in every since of the word. From high school to college to NFL. I've never had it easy nor have I ever forgotten where I come from. I pray the lord to give me a sign. I've lost my youngest son to a truck that didn't see him, I can't imagine what it felt like and would trade myself any day to have my son Danny Josiah back with his brother, sister and family. Danny I love I'm so thankful I got to talk to you today b4 the accident happened and we both got to say we loved eachother. Anybody that know me and know how much I love my kids please pretty please pray for my family as I'm at a breaking point and need all the help from God/family/friends we can get.

There isn't much to say or add to this. I can't possibly know what Ware is going through, but I hope everyone joins me in keeping Danny Ware and his family in our thoughts and prayers.