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Report: New York Giants Jay Bromley accused of attempted rape and assault

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The Giants' defensive tackle could find himself in very serious trouble.

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Ben McAdoo has barely been the New York Giants head coach for two weeks and he already as to deal with his first storm. Reports surfaced Saturday that defensive tackle Jay Bromley has been accused of attempted rape and assault. According to these reports, Bromley and a woman he met online met at a hotel where a "consensual sex act" was performed before the woman alleges that Bromley attempted to rape her.

As they were leaving the hotel, the woman alleges that Bromley hit her with his car.

New York Daily News is reporting that the woman demanded that Bromley drive her home. When he refused, she jumped on the hood of his car in an attempt to stop him, injuring her "knees and legs" when she slid off the car.

The Giants are aware of the situation, a representative issuing the statement that "We are aware of the situation and will continue to monitor it, we have notified the league office per the league's protocol. We will have no further comment as we understand this is an ongoing investigation."

The police are investigating but no arrests have been made nor charges filed.

In the absence of facts and the investigations still ongoing, it is impossible to draw conclusions at this time. However, these are very serious allegations with consequences far beyond the football field. The situation bears watching and we will have updates as we get them.