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Mailbag: Addressing New York Giants free agency, the draft and more

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Let's see what is on your mind.

What does the future hold for JPP?
What does the future hold for JPP?
Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Things have settled down around the New York Giants for the time being. They have a new head coach in Ben McAdoo, and as far as we know his coaching staff is in place. NFL free agency and the NFL Draft are still a long way off. Let's open up the Big Blue View mailbag and see what questions are on your mind as the offseason rolls along.

From Twitter ...

Ed says: Thanks for the question, William! I have said since the end of the season that the Giants need more talent everywhere. Quarterback isn't a need. Running back probably fits in that category, as well, but if the Giants drafted a running back at some point or signed one in free agency I wouldn't blame them. Aside from quarterback, I think you can argue that there is room for improvement at every position on the roster.

Ed says: Impossible to say. We only know the new guys by resume and have no idea how they will mesh with McAdoo, the other assistant coaches or the players they will be responsible for. I do like the idea of keeping Steve Spagnuolo as defensive coordinator and seeing if you can just give him improved talent to work with. I am glad the Giants kept safeties coach Dave Merritt -- he's a great coach and from my limited dealings with him seems like a class guy. Guys like Patrick Graham (DL), Mike Solari (OL), Bill McGovern (LBs), and Frank Cignetti (QBs) have impressive backgrounds. We will see how it all works out.

Ed says: Difficult to say. First, we have to know if the Giants are going to keep their own unrestricted free agents -- Jason Pierre-Paul, Robert Ayers, and Prince Amukamara. That will have a massive impact on how much money they have to spend and the type of players they need to consider in free agency. We also don't yet know which players will actually reach the open market. I would think the Giants will be looking for pass rushers, a free safety, linebacker help, and perhaps upgrades at wide receiver and the offensive line. I keep saying this, but the Giants need talent upgrades all across the roster.

Ed says: I mentioned Pierre-Paul, Ayers, and Amukamara already. Those are the Big Three. I think the most difficult decision is Pierre-Paul. What can be expected from him with his permanently damaged hand, even if he is able to get out of the club? How much can you pay him? Can you afford to let him go? I think it's by far the hardest decision the Giants have to make this offseason.

From Facebook ...

Jorge Passapera: I read the Tennessee Titans are shopping around the top pick in this year`s draft, any chance the Giants can or will make a move? Last time the Giants made a move for the top pick in the draft it worked out pretty good as in Eli Manning good.

Ed says: What would they make a move for? The Giants are not one player away from being a championship team, nor are they looking for a quarterback. They need upgrades across the roster and you don't get that by trading away draft picks. Is Joey Bosa so far superior as a prospect to Shaq Lawson that you would trade away a bunch of draft picks to get him? If you want an offensive lineman why not just take Ronnie Stanley at 10 instead of giving up several picks to get Laremy Tunsil at No. 1? In all honesty, I would prefer to see the Giants try to collect an extra pick or two rather than give away the ones they have.

Mike Evangelista: Is there any question that the GMEN with the 10th pick should take either Myles Jack or Reggie Ragland. We have so lacked playmakers at the LB position for too long.

Ed says: Well, there is a lot of question about who they should draft. We haven't had free agency yet. We don't know if Jason Pierre-Paul or Robert Ayers will be back with the Giants yet. I like both players you mentioned and have written candidly about the Giants' need to put real resources into the linebacker position, but I can't say there is no question they need to draft a linebacker at No. 10. There is no question they need to upgrade their defense at almost every spot. Let's just wait and see how they choose to do it.

Tim Marks: With our coaches being addressed what improvements if any have Giants done to their scouting department.

Ed says: This is certainly an understandable question, but it is also a tricky one from an organizational standpoint. The time to make changes to a  scouting/personnel staff is after the NFL Draft, not in the middle of the scouting and evaluation process for college players and potential NFL free agent signings. The current personnel people have been scouting guys for months and you can't throw out all that work and start over now. If the Giants believe some of their scouting staff needs to be replaced or their process needs to be changed that will be done after the 2016 NFL Draft. That isn't the answer the fan base wants to hear, but it is the reality of the way things work in the NFL.


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