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New York Giants 2016 schedule: Opponents finalized, trip to London included

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Giants will play Rams in England next season.

We don't know who the New York Giants coach or general manager will be next season. We don't know which players the Giants will cut or keep, or who they will select in the 2016 NFL Draft. We do, however, know who the Giants opponents will be in 2016.

The biggest news is that the Giants' loss to the Philadelphia Eagles means they will travel to London next season to face the St. Louis Rams. The Giants will be the visiting team. Big Blue has not been to London since defeating the Miami Dolphins, 13-10, in 2007, the first NFL game ever played there.

The only home game that had yet to be determined before Sunday was which NFC South team the Giants would play. That will be the New Orleans Saints since both teams placed third in their divisions.


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