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New York Giants coaching news: Aaron Wellman to be strength and conditioning coach, per report

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Wellman replaces much-criticized Jerry Palmieri

The New York Giants have reportedly filled yet another vacancy on their coaching. Aaron Wellman, formerly at Notre Dame, will become the team's strength and conditioning coach, per

The Giants, of course, have been among the most injury-plagued teams in the NFL over the past few seasons. Former strength and conditioning coach Jerry Palmieri was often a target of a frustrated fan base that wondered if outdated training methods were part of the problem.

Wellman spent one season at Notre Dame. Before that he was director of strength and conditioning at Michigan from 2011-2014), and held similar posts at San Diego State (2009-2011) and Ball State (2004-2009).

Here is a little bit on Wellman from the announcement of his hiring last February by Notre Dame:

"[At Michigan] He was responsible for the yearly programming of strength, speed and football-specific conditioning. Wellman performed movement screenings to evaluate mobility and stability deficits along with subsequent programs to mitigate individual injury risk. He implemented athlete-monitoring systems including GPS, psychometric questionnaires, neuromuscular fatigue assessments and salivary testing."

Wellman's addition to the staff leaves only the defensive line without a coach. Former Syracuse head coach Paul Pasqualoni and former San Diego Chargers defensive line coach Don Johnson have reportedly interviewed for that position.