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2016 NFL mock draft: Nabbing Myles Jack and Darian Thompson for the New York Giants

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Myles Jack
Myles Jack
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA outside linebacker Myles Jack and Boise State safety Darian Thompson. How good of a haul would that be for the New York Giants in the first two rounds of the 2016 NFL Draft? I ask because that is exactly what I ended up with Wednesday evening when I ran a two-round simulation using the addictive Fanspeak mock draft simulator.

If you are like me, you enjoy messing around with the simulator during the run-up to the draft. It actually helps me learn about players and the options the Giants may be presented with when the real 2016 NFL Draft arrives.

I used the CBS draft board for this simulation and the two players I ended up with -- the players thought to be the best outside linebacker and the best free safety in this draft class -- seem like a dream draft for the defensively-challenged Giants. Let's also acknowledge that landing both guys seems totally unrealistic.

Despite his knee injury, best guess is Jack is not available when the Giants pick at No. 10. CBS Sports says Jack possesses "perhaps the country's best combination of instincts and athleticism."

Most of what I have read, and I will acknowledge I have yet to study Thompson at all, indicates that he is the best free safety in the draft. There is also probably very little chance he lasts until the Giants' second-round pick, 41st overall. Here is a Senior Bowl note on Thompson from Scott Wright of Countdown:

Thompson has long been considered the top draft-eligible safety and thus far has only strengthened his hold on that title in Mobile. When it gets right down to it, Thompson is basically the total package. Size? 6'1" 7/8 and 215 pounds. Check. Physicality? 242 career tackles. Check. Playmaking Ability? 19 career interceptions. Check. So far this week Thompson has been showcasing that all-around skill set but what has really caught the eye of some are his intangibles. When I was working on my first mock draft of the year I wanted to get Thompson in the latter part of the first round but wasn't necessarily happy with where I had him slotted. Perhaps the problem is that I was looking at potential landing spots that were a dozen spots too low. It seems like Thompson is still under-appreciated to a degree but he is going to start getting more attention in the coming weeks and months and be a very hot commodity on Draft Day.

While you are in draft prep mode be sure to visit our Big Blue View mock draft database, which will be continuously updated with mock drafts from around the Internet.

Just for fun, I will post results of these simulations occasionally throughout the draft process. Your thoughts on the results of this one, Giants fans?