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2016 Senior Bowl Day 2: Braxton Miller, Vernon Butler, Sheldon Rankins, and others shine

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What did we learn from the second day of senior bowl practices?

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Senior Bowl practices got off to a delayed start thanks to some bad weather moving through the Mobile area, pushing both practices back to afternoon starts.

Eventually, the practices were aired on ESPNU, so here are some of my notes.

North Practice

Defensive line drills

  • Adolphus Washington is really quick. Just threw a nice spin move in the bag drill. Could show more power, though.
  • Vernon Butler just does not look like he weighs 325 pounds Doesn't move like it either.
  • Carl Nassib has some REALLY heavy hands, takes a half second to gather himself on sharp cuts, but also shows some lean too.
  • Jihad Ward from Illinois is interesting. Quick and violent.

DL vs. OL work

  • Austin Johnson can move people. Very powerful.
  • Butler's rip move is dangerous. In a good way if you're the team on defense. The offensive lineman didn't have a chance
  • Spriggs looks really good at OT. He's making money.
  • Nassib couldn't quite run through an OT on a bull rush (on the left), but won on a power to speed counter the second time around (on the right)
  • Ward has a quick get-off at 3-tech, but he got tangled up and his rush stalled

Wide Receivers & DBs

  • Braxton Miller is just not fair as an athlete. Looks like a natural catching the ball, sharp cuts, and great acceleration.
  • Darian Thompson does a nice job staying with the tight ends, he has been having a good week
  • Carroo is a really tough cover. Doesn't look like the kind of athlete that Miller is, but he has been beating guys

Run and Play-Action drill

  • Ward shows up again. Pushed his blocker into the backfield, got off quick to make the tackle
  • Braxton Miller really just isn't fair. Super sharp cut on a comeback, natural catching the ball.
  • Nassib really seems to like lining up in the 4-point stance and a Wide-9. Does a good job bulling the RT into the backfield and getting off for the "sack."
  • They are spending WAY too much time on Jason Garrett chewing bubble gum
  • Washington could be a boom/bust prospect. On the ground one play, absolutely blows up the next

South Practice

  • Dadi Nicholas is really quick. I don't know if he can play DE at his weight, but in the right system he can make life difficult for offenses
  • Shawn Oakman moved better than expected. Maybe dropping some weight has helped him, but he looked agile, and not just for someone his size
  • The really impressive guys were Sheldon Rankins and Jarran Reed. Humans that big should not be able to move that well.
  • When it came to the bag drills and going against offensive linemen, Noah Spence was just explosive
  • Matt Ioannidis (DT, Temple) has garnered a lot praise for his work in live drills. Created separation and got off his blocks well
  • If Spriggs was the star on the offensive line for the North, then Cody Whitehair was the star for the south. Nasty plug 'n play guard.