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Giants 20, Bills 19: Wide right was 25 years ago today

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Scott Norwood, wherever you re, Giants fans still thank you.

Mike Powell/Getty Images

Wide right, the greatest missed field goal in New York Giants history, was 25 years ago today. Yes, today marks 25 years since Scott Norwood missed wide right on a game-ending 47-yard field goal attempt, giving the New York Giants a 20-19 victory over the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV.

What are your favorite memories of this game, Giants fans? I remember Ottis Anderson absolutely upper-cutting a member of the Bills' defense. I remember Mark Ingram somehow fighting his way for a first down on third-and-13. I remember Jeff Hostletler somehow hanging onto the ball when sacked for a safety by Bruce Smith, saving the Giants five points.

Feel free to share your memories of one of the great days in Giants' history.