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When will Giants put Tom Coughlin Ring of Honor?

He will go in, but when?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Giants announced that Tom Coughlin would be stepping down as head coach co-owner John Mara called Coughlin "a Hall of Fame coach, a Hall of Fame person." So, when will the Giants put Coughlin in the team's Hall of Fame, the Giants Ring of Honor?

Since Coughlin will not be coaching, will they do that next season? Might they consider that a bit awkward and decide to wait a year? There is no doubt that Coughlin, who led the team to two of its four Super Bowl titles, deserves the honor.

Here was Mara in the press release announcing that Coughlin would step down:

"It is difficult to come up with words adequate to describe the appreciation we have for everything Tom Coughlin has done for our franchise," Mara said. "In addition to delivering two Super Bowl titles, Tom represented us with class and dignity and restored the pride to our entire organization. He has all the qualities you could ever ask for in a head coach."

Would you find it awkward at all if the Giants honored Coughlin next season?

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