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Mel Kiper re-grades 2015 draft: How did New York Giants do?

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ESPN guru lowers the Giants' score from immediately after the draft.

Ereck Flowers
Ereck Flowers
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

ESPN NFL draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. is out with annual re-grading of the 2015 NFL Draft [ESPN Insider]. When it comes to the New York Giants Kiper doesn't appear to like the team's draft class quite as much as he did immediately after the draft.

Kiper's New Grade: C+
Kiper's Post-Draft Grade: B-

Kiper writes:

I know Ereck Flowers was able to step in this season, but he struggled for the most part. I wrote then: "While the pick made sense, I had Flowers at No. 27 overall on my final Big Board, so for me this wasn't a 'best player available' situation." In a nutshell, the Giants reached on Flowers and have to hope he develops into the kind of player that can stick at left tackle. I see that as a major question. Landon Collins is a good player I think people need to be patient with given all that he was asked to do. After those two, it's hard to say who could break through based on early returns. Again, I saw Flowers as a first-rounder; I just thought it was a bit rich that early.

Valentine's View: I am bullish on Flowers, I think I have been clear and consistent on that point. I get the fact, though, that there are legitimate concerns about what kind of player the big left tackle will be going forward. Offensive line specialist Duke Manyweather has been clear about Flowers' potential and his flaws. The 2016 season is a huge one for Flowers. Toughness, attitude, and athleticism got him to this point. It will be his technique that makes or breaks him, and he must take a huge step forward next season. If he does not that will leave the Giants with a decision to make about whether or not he can be their long-term left tackle.

Collins, used properly, will become an excellent player. The jury is out on the rest of the class.

Giants' 2015 Draft Class

Round 1 -- OT Ereck Flowers (9th overall)
Round 2 -- S Landon Collins (33rd)
Round 3 -- DE Owamagbe Odighizuwa (74th)
Round 5 -- S Mykkele Thompson (144th)
Round 6 -- WR Geremy Davis (186th)
Round 7 -- OL Bobby Hart (26th)