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Latest hand surgery for Jason Pierre-Paul is complete

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JPP updates his Instagram feed after his surgery.

Jason-Pierre Paul wasted no time in getting another surgery on his hand before the beginning of free agency. Today, his surgery was completed as JPP updated his Instagram feed to show a successful procedure. His caption was all optimism as he writes, "I just want to say never give up. Everything will be okay at the end. If it's not okay that means it's not the end."

With this surgery, JPP phopes to be able to ditch club he had been wearing as he gains more control of his fingers. While JPP was productive for the team during his return mid-season, it was evident that the club hurt his play. With a successful surgery, will the JPP of old return?

Now the New York Giants are once again in a conundrum in how to approach his impending free agency with the Pro-Bowl caliber defensive end. Just like last year, JPP hopes on landing a big contract during the offseason. However, the risk is a lot greater the second time around.