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NFL overtime rules: Do they need to be changed?

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Arizona-Green Bay game starts chatter on that topic again.

Jeff Janis hauls in a Hail Mary pass from Aaron Rodgers Saturday night
Jeff Janis hauls in a Hail Mary pass from Aaron Rodgers Saturday night
Harry How/Getty Images

NFL overtime rules are once again in the crosshairs after Saturday's 26-20 overtime victory by the Arizona Cardinals over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Round. Arizona ended the game with a touchdown on its first overtime possession, never giving Green Bay miracle man Aaron Rodgers a chance to touch the ball.

That was good for Arizona, and congratulations to them on advancing to the NFC Championship Game. It was, however, bad for the NFL and bad for anyone watching the game.

Whatever happened with the coin flip controversy, you know that fans everywhere would have been glued to their TV sets to see if Rodgers and the Packers could match serve after Larry Fitzgerald, Carson Palmer and the Cards made a little magic happen. After his insane Hail Mary tied the score, following a 60-yard pass on fourth-and-20, having that game end without Rodgers ever touching the ball in overtime is a travesty.

Clay Matthews of Green Bay wants the NFL to implement the college overtime rule, putting the ball at the 25-yard line and giving both teams opportunities to match each other until one side wins.

I dislike that rule immensely, but giving both teams an opportunity to have the ball in overtime is better than what the NFL does. I say play it like a normal game. If a team scores on its first possession give the opponent a chance to match. If both teams fail to score on their first possession, then it becomes sudden death. The only exception would be a defensive score on the first overtime possession.

Your thoughts, Giants fans?