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Tom Coughlin gets company in clock management Hall of Shame

Both Saturday playoff games featured mismanaged time at the end of the games.

Andy Reid
Andy Reid
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants fans absolutely shredded Tom Coughlin for his clock management during a few 2015 games. Well, if you watched Saturday's playoff games you know clock management was central to each, and both Andy Reid of the Kansa City Chiefs and Bruce Arians of the Arizona Cardinals are open to criticism for end-of-game decision-making.

If there was such a thing as a clock management Hall of Shame, Reid and Arians would be in it after Saturday.

Reid is being destroyed by Chiefs' fans after Kansas City lost to the New England Patriots, 27-20, in the AFC Divisional Round. The Chiefs trailed 27-13, when they got the ball with 6:29 left. They scored a touchdown, but didn't hurry, didn't use any timeouts and bled the clock all the way to 1:13 before doing so. The only chance they left themselves with was to recover an onside kick, and they couldn't do so.

Perhaps we should thanks Arians for his clock silliness. It set up one of the greatest and most unbelievable endings to a game you will ever see. And he got bailed out by Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald as the Arizona Cardinal defeated the Green Bay Packers, 26-20, in overtime.

Leading, 17-13, Arizona took over the ball at The Packer 24 with 2:38 to play. Run the ball three times, kick a field goal and you give Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay, which had no timeouts, maybe a minute to work with in trying for a game-tying touchdown.

Arians opted for a second-down pass that fell incomplete. Rodgers and Green Bay ended up with 1:50 to work with and, of course, made magic.

So, Coughlin has company.