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New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch: "It was time for the next chapter"

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Did Tisch support the hiring of McAdoo? His answers make it obvious.

Steve Tisch
Steve Tisch
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch left little doubt on Friday, the day the team introduced Ben McAdoo as its new head coach, that he supported moving away from the Tom Coughlin era after a third straight losing season.

"Look, after 12 years and getting to know not only a great head coach but a fantastic human being, I felt it was time for the next chapter in New York Giants head coaching. Three or four disappointing were a factor. I like change when change is organic, not arbitrary," Tisch said. "I felt John Mara felt in discussing this with me and Jerry that it was time for the next chapter. Because Tom Coughlin is such a gentleman and such a decent human being, the conversations were very, very -- don't want to say easy because it's not an easy topic -- but Tom was a gentleman, a professional, and totally understood that his 12 years with the Giants were significant, appreciated that resulted in two Super Bowls. As the 16th head coach, it was a spectacular run. At the same time, time for a change."

We didn't hear from Tisch last week when Coughlin stepped down, but that remark made it clear ownership was ready to move on.

Tisch gushed that "I just find him to be everything we want in our head coach."

The interest in McAdoo from the Philadelphia Eagles was "a bit of a catalyst to speed up the process admitted Tisch, adding "we knew Ben was our guy" after having met with him on Wednesday afternoon.

"I think two years of being the Giants OC is very valuable. It's kind of like, for us, it's not a first date. We got to know Ben over two years. His experience working with not only the players but working under Tom and with Tom and Spags and the other position coaches. That experience is extremely valuable," Tisch said.

McAdoo is now the league's second-youngest coach, which doesn't bother Tisch a bit.

"I don't think his age is a factor. I think his age, in my opinion, is a positive factor," Tisch said. "He's young, he's in the best sense of the word, ambitious, he's got a vision, he seems appropriately fearless."

My takeaway? The Giants did not outright fire Coughlin. At least one of their owners, though, is very, very happy that the team has moved in a new direction.