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Jerry Reese: "We got the right person for the job"

Full text of Reese's remarks at McAdoo introductory press conference.

Q: This is an exciting day in Giants history. How does it feel to have the coaching search over and you've hired the 17th head coach in Giants history?
A: Well we're excited here, it's a big deal for us. We feel like we got the right person for the job. Ben has a lot of work cut out trying to build his coaching staff. We're going to do everything we can do to help him in the process.

Q: What was the process like for you in your first time being a key part of that process? What did you think of the process and what do you take from it?
A: It is what it is—it's a process. We took our time, we were thorough, and we really interviewed some good candidates. We decided on Ben and we're happy with that decision. We're looking forward to getting started so we can build this football team back to be the New York Giants that our fans expect.

Q: What was it about Ben that stuck out to you the most?
A: Well all the guys were good, it was nothing in particular. We talked about it, we came to a consensus on who we wanted and Ben got the nod.

Q: How much did Eli Manning and his love for this system have to do this hiring?
A: Everything was part of the process. We took that into consideration and we took everything into consideration. There were some guys who have been head coaches before who really interviewed well. The entire process, all six candidates that we interviewed, they were terrific.

Q: What stood out most about Ben, though?
A: Again, everybody was good. Again, he's been here, we think he is the coach for the future for us. Everybody interviewed well. I don't think anything stood out different from other guys. We came to the consensus about who we wanted to pick and Ben was the guy.

Q: What about the change? You worked with Coach Coughlin basically since you became the GM. Now new person, new identities, and everything, how do you approach the change?
A: Well everybody is different. It's important for us to have a great relationship. Tom and I had a great relationship. Ben and I will do the same.

Q: What do you expect to change? What is going to be different in your mind?
A: Football is football. We'll sit down, we'll put our heads together, and we'll make tough decisions together. We'll build a football team with a winning tradition that we've always had around here.

Q: In those interviews you're, for the most part, the football guy in those interviews. You know mostly about the X's and O's as compared to John and Steve. How much of this, for you, is what he does offensively is right for the NFL right now?
A: All of it is part of it. Ben said it's not about just offense, it's offense, defense, special teams. A game plan changes every week, you have to game plan around the team you're playing and take advantage of your opportunities versus the team you're playing. It's not just about the offense, it's a team as a whole†-- offense, defense, and special teams.

Q: How closely do you plan to work with Ben when scouting free agents or looking forward to the draft?
A: Like I said, I've been here for 21 years—ever since I've been here our coaches, our head coach, and our personnel have always been part of the process with personnel, that won't change. They're always a part of it. At the end of the day, it's my responsibility. If somebody doesn't get it right, if somebody doesn't pan out, it's the GM's responsibility, okay? It seems like we got that confused the last time, but it's my responsibility if somebody doesn't work out. Everybody is part of the process, okay? You guys got that?

Q: A lot of the names that have been mentioned for the staff have head coaching experience. How important is it to do that?
A: Anytime you have a new job, it's a little bit of a learning curve. You can ask any head coach, their first couple of years it's a learning curve. We think he's very smart. He's going to be ahead of the curve and we'll be up and running quickly and get back to our winning ways.

Q: Will having guys like Steve Spagnuolo and Joe Philbin, will having those guys around him who have been there, be able to help?
A: We don't want to talk about the coaches, it's still fluid. It's fluid with me as well. We'll see where that goes.

Q: Is it important for you to have another guy there that has experience around him at least? Because he's a first-time coach, to have that guy to lean on?
A: It's always nice to have somebody who's been there, done that. But Ben's a big boy and we'll figure it out. The coaching staff is still fluid, we'll figure it out.

Q: Ben talked about looking forward to the pressure. Are you looking forward to the pressure as well?
A: There's always pressure, I'm not afraid of the pressure. Ben's not afraid of the pressure. That's what it is in the National Football League, its pressure. I don't think anybody around here is afraid of the pressure.

Q: From your scouting background, you know how to assess talent, you look at players. When Ben came in the building, did you kind of assess him, if not from afar, just the idea of this guy is a potential candidate down the road as a head coach?
A: Of course, that's always part of it. You always look at your coaching staff. There're some young coaches on our staff I'll look at and in the back of head, "This guy is going to be a coordinator. This guy is going to be a head coach." So you're thinking about those things.

Q: And you did see that in Ben?
A: Absolutely, I thought Ben would be a head coach. Absolutely.

Q: How important was his relationship and familiarity with Eli help Ben's case here?
A: That was part of the process. That wasn't the only thing, there were a lot of things about Ben we liked. But having the quarterback to stay in the same system, that played a little bit into it. That wasn't the only thing, a lot of things played into him being the head coach.

Q: When's the first time you heard of Ben? How much did you know about him when he first got here?
A: A couple years ago we were talking about making a change at the coordinator position and some names came up. His name was one of the first names to come up. That was my first introduction to Ben McAdoo.

Q: How much interaction did you have with Ben during his time as coordinator and how important has continuity become on the coaching staff?
A: Well continuity is good, but most importantly, it's all about wins and losses. We expect Ben to come in and hit the ground running. He's been here obviously, he knows the players. We have a lot of work to do to fill out the rest of the coaching staff. We're starting to evaluate free agents and players already on the team. We're working hard to move forward.

Q: What's that balance like? You make the decision personnel-wise, he says he coaches the team. How much input goes back and forth?
A: Again, you are late to the party, we just talked about this. I've been here for 21 years, our head coach and our coaching staff has  always been part of the process of evaluating players. We like for everybody to know the players and be a part of it. At the end of the day, it's up to me with personnel. When things go bad in personnel, it's my fault. Last week it seemed like we couldn't get that right. It's my fault if something goes wrong with the personnel, it's my fault. You guys got that? Alright, thanks, guys.