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Staff update: Giants will retain safeties/secondary coach Dave Merritt

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It appears as though the 2016 New York Giants will feature a lot of familiar faces, at least in terms of staffing. After the promotion of offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo to head coach earlier this week, news emerged that defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo would stay on in his current position and that quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan would be boosted to fill McAdoo's old role.

We can now pencil in another coach as being kept on from the previous administration as Alex Marvez of Fox Sports is reporting that the team are also retaining safeties/secondary coach Dave Merritt. This comes as no surprise as the team attempts to keep their balance during a time of unrest. Merritt has been with the Giants for 12 seasons.

Many fans may consider roles like Merritt's as tertiary to the overall performance, but stability in these areas can affect the general team on a wider scale. You're only as strong as your weakest man or in some cases, your weakest position group. For the Giants last season, their safeties were of huge concern as the team struggled with rookie Landon Collins' teething problems and a whole cast of ill-fitting gentlemen in the accompanying free-safety role. Yet for all the issues, Merritt deserves some praise. He made the best out of a bad bunch, and his unit repeatedly held up even when other areas of the defense, such as the front four, let them down.

Heading into his first season as head coach, McAdoo is smart to generate as little turnover as possible. The truth is that he may not know who is good or not right now, so giving everyone a shot to impress before he hires replacements is the sensible option. It's good long-term thinking, and that bodes well for the organization in the future.