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Winners, losers from the Giants hiring of Ben McAdoo as head coach

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Eli wins. Eagles lose.

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The Ben McAdoo era as head coach of the New York Giants is officially less than a day old. Because we live in an instant gratification world and everyone loves to rush to judgment let's look at some early winners and losers from the Giants decision to promote McAdoo.


Eli Manning

We know from his emotional reaction at the farewell press conference that Manning did not want to see Tom Coughlin leave. Since Coughlin is gone, though, this worked out as well as it possibly could have for the Giants quarterback. He gets to stay in an offense that has helped him have two terrific statistical seasons.He gets a head coach he trusts. If reports are correct that Mike Sullivan will be elevated to offensive coordinator that is another win for Manning because he has a long-term working relationship with Sullivan. In the end, this was the best-case scenario for Manning.

Mike Sullivan

Some Giants' assistant coaches will be looking for work. Sullivan is looking at a promotion. Sullivan actually interviewed for the offensive coordinator job two years ago when McAdoo got it. He was even considered the front-runner at one time. McAdoo and Sullivan have worked together for only a year, but for McAdoo to elevate him there is obviously trust there. Even if word that McAdoo will continue to call the plays is correct, this is a big step forward for Sullivan.

Steve Spagnuolo

After coordinating the worst defense in the league in 2015 indications are that Spags will get another chance. There probably aren't a lot of organizations that would have given him that. Spagnuolo really didn't have much of a chance to succeed in 2015. Let's see if Jerry Reese can give him more to work with next season.


Philadelphia Eagles

This is not a shot at Doug Pederson, who will be named Eagles head coach. It really isn't even a shot at the Eagles. Reality is, though, that from everything we know the Pederson hire is not the one the Eagles truly wanted to make. They reportedly wanted McAdoo, but the Giants cut them off at the pass. Then they thought they had Coughlin, but that didn't happen either. The Daily News details how the Giants essentially prevented Coughlin from taking the Eagles job by making it impossible for Coughlin to build the coaching staff he would have liked. Pederson could end up being a great hire for the Eagles, but even our friends over at Bleeding Green Nation seem to understand this did not work out the way the Eagles wanted it to.

Doug Marrone, Mike Smith

These two veteran NFL coaches interviewed for and were apparently under serious consideration for the Giants' job. The Tennessee Titans' coaching vacancy is now the only one left and reports have indicated that the Titans could bring New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on as head coach. So, Marrone and Smith could get shut out.