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Tom Coughlin makes right call to pass on Eagles job

Philadelphia, San Francisco jobs would have been wrong ones for Coughlin to take.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about anyone else, but I am glad that former New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin has decided to bow out of consideration for the jobs as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. That saves the awkwardness of seeing Coughlin patrolling the sidelines in Eagles' colors, which is a good thing. It isn't, however, the biggest reason I'm happy Coughlin stepped away.

It's pretty apparent Coughlin still wants to coach. He still believes he can coach. I still believe Coughlin can coach although I'm not blind to the fact that he wasn't at his best in 2015. It may have been time for the Giants and the two-time Super Bowl-winning coach to part ways, but I still think that in the right situation Coughlin can succeed.

The Eagles did not provide the right situation. For that matter, neither did the San Francisco 49ers. Sam Bradford? Colin Kaepernick? The front offices of both franchises? The Swiss-cheese rosters? Please.

No matter whether you thought Coughlin's time with the Giants should have been up or not, you have to be appreciative of the championships and the good things he brought to the franchise. I don't think anyone should want to see Coughlin go someplace just to coach and wind up failing miserably. I think that is precisely what would have been likely to happen in either Philadelphia or San Francisco.

I can see Coughlin taking over a team with an entrenched championship-caliber quarterback, a veteran roster only a few tweaks away from winning, a solid, stable front office. Neither the Eagles nor the 49ers provide that.

Call me a TC apologist if you will. I respect the man and the career that he has had and would hate to see him wind up making a decision he would regret. If he coaches again one day, good for him. I just hope he chooses carefully.