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Tom Coughlin rumors: Coughlin withdraws from Eagles coaching search, per report

Tom Coughlin has taken himself out of the running for the Eagles' vacant head coaching position.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is a business. It's something we all recognize, even if we don't particularly like it. So when Tom Coughlin became the apparent frontrunner to replace Chip Kelly as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, it was accepted but few Giants fans actually wanted to see it happen.

As it turns out, that queasy feeling can go away and be replaced by a sigh of relief. Coughlin has bowed out of the Eagles' coaching search, saying that the situation isn't a good fit.

Reportedly, the Eagles had planned on letting Coughlin right their ship, but having a young offensive or defensive coordinator on staff as the "Heir Apparent" for the 70 year old coach.

Giants' fans can take some small measure of satisfaction that the Giants' new head coach and his predecessor both snubbed the Eagles in their head coaching search.