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Ben McAdoo hiring by Giants: What others are saying

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Everyone has an opinion about the hiring of Ben McAdoo by the Giants. Let's look at some of them.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Let's look around the Inter-Google at what others are saying following Wednesday night's news that the New York Giants will promote Ben McAdoo to succeed Tom Coughlin as head coach.

Ben McAdoo represents hopeful hire for New York Giants - NFL Nation- ESPN

The reason to give McAdoo this job, the details of which he and the Giants were finalizing Wednesday night, is because the Giants think they have in him a future coaching star. Having just sent one of the true, proven Head Coaches, capital H, capital C of the NFL out the door last week, the right move for the Giants is to swing for the fences in trying to replace him. They might end up being right or wrong about McAdoo, but they believe in him and his potential. So they're putting their chips on his number and casting a hopeful eye at the wheel of NFL fate. ...

Is he a real Head Coach, capital H, capital C? No idea. We need time to tell us that. But he sure looks like he can be. And while you as a Giants fan might not roll into work this morning beating your chest between the 1 and the 3 on your Odell Beckham Jr. jersey and hollering, "Yeah, Baby!! We got McAdooooooo!!!!", I think you have reason to look at this move with hope and optimism.

The Giants of the next couple of years could well continue to take their lumps as they continue to rebuild their roster. And McAdoo, as a new head coach, might need to take some lumps as well. But he's got the qualities and the caliber you want in a coach, and if he makes good on those things, the Giants have a chance to have something special. When you're replacing a coach like Tom Coughlin, you have to at least shoot for something special.

Vacchiano: For Giants, McAdoo right Mann for the job - NY Daily News

Tom Coughlin wasn't good enough to coach the Giants anymore after back-to-back 6-10 seasons, but somehow his top assistant is the right man to replace him?

That may sound like twisted logic, but it makes a lot more sense than it seems.

And Eli Manning is the biggest reason why.

Ben McAdoo? Spags? What has changed with this Giants team? | Politi |

Replacing Coughlin was always going to be a challenge. McAdoo was alongside him during the goal line meltdown in Dallas in the season opener that started this year's issues, and was with him at the end when Manning had the ball and failed to lead this team to a victory against the Eagles in the final drive.

He can't be given a pass for the team's struggles, and while his offense improved, most coordinators would have had success after Odell Beckham Jr. emerged as one of the best receivers in the league. McAdoo might have the endorsement of the Giants ownership, but he still has plenty to prove.

Is he ready to be an effective head coach? Can he still guide the offense as he expands his responsibilities? And will the Giants players respond to him as the man in charge of the entire team now?

But really, the questions go beyond McAdoo. Mara insisted that change was necessary after another 6-10 season, and no doubt, he was right. But now three of the four men who were most responsible for those struggles are back for another try in 2016.

Yes, Coughlin is gone. But Reese is here, and Spagnuolo here, and McAdoo is getting a promotion despite results that hardly made him a clear choice for the job. The Giants promised change, but right now, it sure looks like more of the same.

Myers: McAdoo and Co. get more staying power than Coughlin - NY Daily News

It’s clear the Giants believe this big mess was all the fault of Tom Coughlin, two-time Super Bowl winner and future Hall of Fame coach.

He left before the Giants fired him, but they kept the infrastructure of a 6-10 team.