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Instant analysis: Giants hiring of Ben McAdoo makes sense

Yes, the move makes sense. It is risky, but there are good reasons for it.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants never wanted to say Ben McAdoo was a head coach in-waiting once they hired him away from the Green Bay Packers to become their offensive coordinator, but it always sort of felt that way. Once Tom Coughlin stepped down as head coach McAdoo seemed to be the likely choice to succeed him.

The Giants took their time, almost as if they were waiting for someone to come in, knock their socks off during the interview process and convince them McAdoo was not the best man for the job. That never happened. Once Hue Jackson took the Cleveland Browns job, and with the Philadelphia Eagles sniffing around McAdoo, the Giants have apparently decided McAdoo's time is now.

Giving the job to a first-time head coach is a risk. That's why the Giants were interested in Jackson, and why experienced head coaches Doug Marrone and Mike Smith got serious looks from the organization.

Promoting McAdoo, though, makes sense.

First and foremost, it makes sense for quarterback Eli Manning. The Giants asked Manning to learn a new offense two seasons ago, and Manning has thrived in it. At 35, with a coordinator and an offense he likes, and with Manning's window as a championship-caliber quarterback growing smaller why make him start over in a new system?

Here is a great stat on McAdoo's offensive prowess.

The other reason this makes sense is because of how much the Giants organization values stability. McAdoo has been in the organization for two years. The Giants already believe they know what they have. McAdoo already knows what the Giants are.

The fact that at 38 McAdoo will be the league's second-youngest coach behind Adam Gase, hired last week by the Miami Dolphins, is also part of that stability. If McAdoo turns into the kind of coach the Giants apparently believe he can be then he could enjoy a long run at the helm. Thus, a chance for more of the stability the Giants crave.

That stability will also apparently extend to the defense. It is expected that Steve Spagnuolo will stay on as McAdoo's defensive coordinator. From here, that seems like a good thing. Spagnuolo had little to work with in 2015. Rather than start from scratch, get him better players and see what he can do.

Adding Joe Philbin as offensive coordinator is also sensible. McAdoo and Philbin are familiar with each other from their time in Green Bay. Philbin was there from 2003-2011, spending the last five years as offensive coordinator while McAdoo was a position coach. Philbin should slide right in and be able to execute the offense McAdoo wants to run. Philbin and Spagnuolo should also be able to help McAdoo transition from coordinator to head coach, since both have already been through that.

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