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Report: Joe Philbin to become new OC, Steve Spagnuolo to remain as DC

It looks like McAdoo already has coordinators in place, though it isn't official.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After initial reports circulated online regarding the New York Giants hiring Ben McAdoo as the successor to Tom Coughlin, it didn't take long until additional staff information started spreading. According to Mike Garofolo of FS1, the Giants will likely retain Steve Spagnuolo as defensive coordinator and bring in former Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin to work as offensive coordinator under McAdoo.

These hires come as no surprise as this is McAdoo's first time as a head-coach, so his connections aren't as vast as those of the most seasoned guys. Spagnuolo has been in place just one year and took over a unit with serious personnel deficiencies. His relationship with McAdoo is likely quite close given the two were hired in back-to-back seasons, and the retention of Spagnuolo further develops on a theme of stability that appears very important to the management, even in this time of flux.

The connection to Philbin is simple too. Both McAdoo and he worked together in Green Bay under Mike McCarthy as the tight-ends coach and offensive coordinator respectively. Philbin was dismissed from the Dolphins earlier this year after a 24-28 record over his first three seasons. However, his work as an O.C. is more impressive, having held that position from 2007 to 2011 and earning a Super Bowl ring for his efforts.

It will take some time for this team to transition to becoming McAdoo's own, but these hires should give the Giants a sense of balance. McAdoo may be a first-time head-coach, but both Spagnuolo and Philbin have been there before and will be on-hand to provide support and advice during this exciting new chapter in the young coach's professional career.