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Giants coaching news: LB coach Jim Herrmann hired by Indianapolis Colts, per report

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This shouldn't be surprising.

Jim Herrmann working with a Giants linebacker back in 2009
Jim Herrmann working with a Giants linebacker back in 2009
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The exodus of New York Giants assistant coaches has reportedly begun with FOX Sports reporting that linebackers coach Jim Herrmann has accepted the same job with the Indianapolis Colts. Herrmann had been Giants' linebackers coach for the past seven seasons.

There have also been reports of other Giants' assistants interviewing for new positions. Offensive line coach Pat Flaherty has been connected to that job in Indianapolis. Wide receivers coach Sean Ryan is considered a candidate for that same job with the Tennessee Titans.

Giants' assistants were not immediately let go when Tom Coughlin stepped down. It is apparent, though, that the assistants understand that even if Ben McAdoo or Steve Spagnuolo is hired as the next coach that there is no guarantee they would be retained.

McAdoo, of course, is also considered a candidate for the head-coaching job with the Eagles.

So, as of now there is no telling what the Giants' coaching staff will look like next season.