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Tom Coughlin rumors: San Francisco 49ers GM Trent Baalke to visit Coughlin

What should we make of San Francisco's sudden courtship of Tom Coughlin?

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Monday the San Francisco 49ers requested permission to interview former New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin for their vacant head coaching position.

The meeting will reportedly happen sometime on Tuesday.

Kicking up the interest factor is the news that 49ers' GM Trent Baalke traveled to the east coast to conduct the interview with Coughlin on his own turf.

So what does this mean? Well, there are a couple possible explanations and the right answer could be "All Of The Above".

1) With NFL league meetings getting ready to commence in Houston, York and Baalke might want to get Coughlin's interview done before the distraction of the meetings sets in.

2) With the Giants showing interest in Hue Jackson -- who the 49ers have also shown strong interest in -- the apparent courting of Coughlin could be a move to try to gain some leverage on Jackson, or possibly get the Cleveland Browns to feel safer in their position and ease off their pursuit.

3) The 49ers really are that interested in Coughlin. Generally when a team changes coaches, they want something different in their next coach. Where Jim Tomsula was a defensive-minded "Yes Man" who was obviously overwhelmed as a head coach, Coughlin is anything but.

The situation bears watching, as Coughlin could wind up coaching a biceps kissing Colin Kaepernick.