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Tom Coughlin rumors: San Francisco 49ers ask permission to interview ex-Giants coach

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A second suitor emerges.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that former New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin has more than one suitor for his services. We know that Coughlin was scheduled to interview on Monday with the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles. Now comes a report that the San Francisco 49ers want to speak with Coughlin about their head-coaching vacancy. The 49ers fired the first-year coach Jim Tomsula after a 5-11 season.

San Francisco seems like an odd fit for Coughlin, who will be 70 years old next season. The 49ers lost head coach Jim Harbaugh a year ago, then saw an exodus of talent as players like Chris Borland and Patrick Willis retired. On the surface, Coughlin would seem like a better fit for a team with a top-tier quarterback and a roster that should be ready to win. The 49ers seem more like a team in need of a rebuild.

Why are they interested in Coughlin? Here is David Fucillo of SB Nation's Niners Nation on that question:

"They thought Hue Jackson was their guy. Now it's not looking as sure, so they're expanding their search. 49ers could have used Coughlin following Harbaugh. They instead went with a soft coach in Tomsula. Seems like Coughlin would bring the kick-in-the-butt they need."

Your thoughts on Coughlin to the 49ers? Is that the right fit for either side?