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2016 NFL mock draft roundup: Myles Jack, Shaq Lawson, Shilique Calhoun for the Giants

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The consensus is that the Giants will be drafting a defender in the first round, but who will it be?

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With each round of playoffs, the order of the 2016 NFL Draft gets clearer and clearer. That also means that we're guaranteed more mock drafts.

At this point, with a full week before the deadline to declare, and long before the "Draft Bowls", free agency, the NFL Scouting Combine, and dozens of pro days, trying to accurately predict how the draft will go is laughably silly. But, since when has being silly a reason to not do something? Fun and getting familiar with prospects are reason enough, so let's see who New York Giants pick with the 10th overall pick in the various mock drafts.

Mocking The Draft

10. New York Giants: Myles Jack, OLB, UCLA

This is another difficult pick because there isn't a head coach in place in New York. With the two ends gone, the lean becomes a playmaking linebacker. Jack has superstar potential, assuming the knee injury he's been rehabbing isn't too problematic for him.

Raptor's Thoughts -- I can't rightly criticize this pick. Jack has been in my signature mock for so long I actually forget which week I changed it. But Dan's right: Myles Jack has superstar potential. He doesn't quite have the omniscient instincts that Luke Kuechley does, but his incredible range and athleticism, combined with some good instincts of his own, would let the defensive coordinator mix and match coverage or bring pressure from just about anywhere on the field. Oh, and defend a tight end or two.

Note: I am not worried about Jack's knee injury. It was a tear near (or at) the edge of the meniscus which allowed for a repair, as opposed to a partial meniscectomy. He missed the season to rehab his knee, but because the meniscus could heal as opposed to having the damaged part removed, from what I've been able to find out, once the knee is fully rehabbed, it will be "good as new".

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10. New York Giants: Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson

Dane Brugler - The Giants have an obvious hole at defensive end, which showed in the stat sheet, ranking 30th in the NFL in sacks this season. Lawson is an efficient pass rusher with the power, quickness and ball awareness that allows him to be successful.

Rob RangEli Manning and the offense gets most of the attention, but the Super Bowl runs with Tom Coughlin as coach came when the Giants boasted a dominant pass rush. That hasn't been the case in 2015, with the Giants registering just 23 sacks in 2015, 30th in the NFL. Sporting an NFL-ready build, burst, power and a high-revving motor, Lawson could offer the boost the Giants need.

Raptor's Thoughts -- Honestly, I want to see more of both Shaq Lawson and Emmanuel Ogbah. The Giants need defensive ends and a pass rush, but with offenses pushing the envelope in speed, the Giants need speed and explosion off the edge more than anything else. I have questions about both the "next two" edge rushers after Joey Bosa have issues with their first step or if their defenses are slowing them down on purpose to defend against run options. I want to see both of these guys' combine workouts to get a check on if they actually lack explosion or agility.

Draft Tek

10. New York Giants: Shilique Calhoun, DE, Michigan State

In 2014, the New York Giants racked up 47 sacks, but fired their Defensive Coordinator. This year, the number plummeted to 23 and they axed their Head Coach. A new coach will likely mean a new Defensive Coordinator, so Edge or DE is to be determined, but upgrading the pass rush is a near certainty.

Raptor's Thoughts -- This one is a bit out of left field, and honestly, looks like it may have come from 2015. Calhoun was a highly-rated pass rusher after last season, but his stock has fallen off over the 2015 after returning to school and not really taking another step forward. He generally isn't considered a top 10 draft pick, and more usually falls in the fringe first- or second-round conversation. Calhoun might also be best fit to play OLB in a 3-4 defense, so his fit with the Giants would be determined by who the Giants have calling their defense in 2016.