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NFC Wild-Card Weekend: Why New York Giants fans should care

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The NFC wild-card games are Sunday. Yes, you should care.

James Jones
James Jones
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The New York Giants are hunting for a new head coach and at the same time, you can bet many in the organization are praying the one they just let go, Tom Coughlin, doesn't go to the Philadelphia Eagles and embarrass them. In the meantime, the NFL playoffs are rolling along. It is Day 2 of Wild-Card Weekend and Sunday the NFL team go at it, with the Seattle Seahawks at the Minnesota Vikings (1:05 p.m. ET/NBC) and the Green Bay Packers at the Washington Redskins (4:40 p.m./FOX).

Here are five reasons Giants fans should care about Sunday's games.

  • Because you get to start complaining about James Jones again. Jones, released by the Giants at the end of preseason, caught 50 passes for the Packers this season. So, sure it's fair to wonder why the Giants cut him. A post this week from ESPN certainly makes it sound as if Jones really wanted to be in Green Bay all along.
  • Because ex-Giant Linval Joseph will be playing for the Vikings on Sunday afternoon. He just had the best season of his career, so that's another opportunity to complain about what the Giants have done wrong.
  • Because cold-weather football is always awesome, provided you aren't playing or freezing your bottom off from the stands. Temperatures could be in the single for Seahawks at Vikings.
  • Because you get to watch the Redskins play while the Giants are somehow home and searching for a new head coach and trying to figure out how they have gotten themselves into this mess despite having a two-time Super Bowl winner and borderline Hall of Famer at quarterback.
  • Perry Fewell coaches defensive backs for Washington. As bad as the Giants defense was in 2015 maybe everyone who wanted Fewell, the Giants ex-defensive coordinator, run out of town after the 2014 season should offer him an apology. Bad players equal bad performance, no matter who the coach is.