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Steve Spagnuolo is knee deep in preparation for the Eagles

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Steve Spagnuolo talks preparing for the suddenly Kelly-less Eagles and the future of Jason Pierre-Paul in his last pre-game press conference.

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When Jeffery Lurie decided to fire Chip Kelly, it sent shockwaves through the NFL. Almost immediately they hit the New York Giants, who were just starting to prepare for their season finale against the Philadelphia Eagles.

That move didn't just intensify questions about Tom Coughlin's future, it also threw the Giants' preparation for the Eagles into turmoil, particularly for defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

Spags didn't waste any time opening up his press conference to questions, only saying that they're "Always excited to play them [the Eagles]", and that they are "knee deep in preparation" for the game.

On Philadelphia

The very first question was whether or not Pat Shurmur would change everything about the Eagle's offense, Spags replied, "I don't know. That's the, I don't want to say dilemma, but that's the guessing game right now. But I can't imagine they change too much. There will be a couple of wrinkles here and there. What is a little challenging is the tendency part of it. Normally we would try to get a beat on the play-caller has a tendency to run this and that. That won't be there. Maybe two years working with Pat in St. Louis will help."

He also praised Sam Bradford's play of late and cautioned that the Giants would need to stop Philadelphia's running game first, saying "Down the stretch here, Sam (Bradford's) really been throwing the ball around real well. They've been throwing the ball quite a bit. With them, Coach Coughlin talked about it this morning, when they run the football effectively, that's when they've won, that's when they've been real effective on offense. I think it's always been predicated on that. They get that going and then it opens up a lot of things behind them. It does seem to be jelling, in my opinion."

The future of Jason Pierre-Paul

One of the major personnel decisions to be made this off-season is regarding JPP, who revealed that he will be having, at least, one more surgery on his hand this offseason.

When asked if Spagnuolo has seen signs of Pierre-Paul's return to form as he not only learns how to play with his limitations and in Spag's defense, he said, "We've all talked about it, it took a while to kind of get in gear. I think you see signs of that. I think he would probably tell you he'd like to consistently do that a little bit more. I'm not one to speak for him, but it can't be all that easy when you're playing with a club on your hand."

But while Spags acknowledges that the injury and protective club are limiting, both in what he can do with it and how he has to play, he does believe that JPP is starting to figure things out.

"I think he [JPP] feels that way [his future is on the left] because he likes to put the hand down that doesn't have a club on it. There's disadvantages somewhere when you're playing with that. He seems to be figuring it out. He's got two fumble recoveries with the club. Maybe he'll have an interception this week."