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2016 NFL Draft: Rutgers WR Leonte Carroo would be dangerous pick for New York Giants

Carroo will keep the other team up at night, but maybe your team, too.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

At what point does the on-field production eclipse a player's off-field concerns? Leonte Carroo will be the litmus test this NFL Draft season as the Rutgers wide receiver tries to escape a troubling year of criminal proceedings and attempts to get scouts and managers to pay attention only to his game-tape. Based purely on his ability, Carroo could be a first-round pick, potentially even the first receiver taken, but the risks he brings outside of football may be too much for a team to draft him at all.


Height: 6-foot

Weight: 211 pounds

Arm Length: 31 3/8"

Hand Size: 9 5/8"

40 Time: 4.5 seconds

Vertical Jump: 35.5 inches

Broad Jump: 120 inches

Bench Press: 14 reps


  • Best hands in the Big Ten.
  • Excellent mid-route adjustment, can compensate for poor throws.
  • Strong initial burst for separation.
  • Good use of double moves and subtle motions to get a defender to bite.
  • The skills of Josh Gordon.


  • Domestic assault charge a huge red flag for character concerns.
  • Lacks elite second gear speed to be a "burner".
  • The reliability of Josh Gordon.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 77th

Mocking The Draft - 64th

CBS - 86th

Draft Tek - 99th

Does He Fit With the Giants?

As far as pure on-field talents go, Carroo would be an excellent addition to a New York Giants' offense seeking a complementary playmaker for Odell Beckham. His skill set would be ideal for capitalizing on a defense whose primary objective would be on stopping Carroo's running mate. The pair could genuinely be up there with the all-time great receiver pairings, and a pick like this would certainly be a move towards making the most of Eli Manning's window as a top quarterback.

However, no, he does not fit with the Giants. This team had enough trouble keeping one hot-head in check last season. They do not need another difficult personality in the same positional group. Carroo's college numbers are accompanied by a lack of maturity, character concerns, and dangerous off-field behavior. This is a guy who would keep the team owners up at night. You simply cannot draft a player with an alleged history of domestic violence. If you can't trust someone to treat their loved ones right, what hope do they have in a professional capacity under the spotlight? Carroo is nuclear material, that in the wrong hands, could hurt a team more than help them.

Final Thoughts

I think it's a shame that a guy like this has to be written off before his career even begins. It is only fair to let the judicial system do its job for infractions and crimes, but we all know how flawed the process can be for cases like these, putting pressure and trauma on those who just want justice. Look at this report from the victim closer to the time of the incident and you get a better indication of what we're dealing with. We do not know the minor details of the case, but if I'm a general manager looking to keep his job, I'm not going to play Russian roulette with a second or third-round pick.