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2016 NFL Draft results: How did the Giants do on Day 2?

What did the Giants' brain trust have to say about the team's Day 2 selections? Find out below.

Giants general manager Jerry Reese
Giants general manager Jerry Reese
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

On Day 2 of the NFL Draft, the New York Giants entered still having a few holes on offense and defense. In the first round on Thursday, the Giants selected Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple, who the team believes "has all the tools" to succeed in the NFL. On Friday night, the Giants added to both sides of the ball, selecting Oklahoma wide receiver Sterling Shepard in the second round, as well as Boise State free safety Darian Thompson in the third round. Here's what New York's top decision makers had to say about the team's Day 2 selections.

Jerry Reese, General Manager

On what Sterling Shepard brings to the Giants

"He's just everything you want in a slot wide receiver, our coaches believe he can play on the outside some as well," Reese said. "Highest player on our board, you guys think I'm kidding when I say that ... too much value for us to pass this guy up."

On Shepard's NFL comparison

"Young Victor Cruz, very similar body type," Reese said. "One thing about this kid is he's 5'10" and some change, but his strike zone is bigger than that. He's got a 41-inch vertical jump, he's got big hands. He's tenacious."

On what Darian Thompson brings to the Giants

"We think he's a free safety, he makes the calls for his team," Reese said. "We think he's going to create a lot of competition in the secondary at the safety position, and we're looking forward to get him in here."

On what made Thompson the pick over other options

"He checks a lot of boxes for us," Reese said. "Where we are right now and the skill set that we're looking for, we thought he had the best skill set at this point."

Ben McAdoo, Head Coach

On how Shepard fits in the offense

"He's like the rest of the guys we have ... he has been productive in the past on the outside, this year he played more to the inside, but they need to be more flexible that way and be bright enough to do that, and he certainly fits that role for us."

On what Shepard could add to special teams

"We'll certainly add him to the mix there, he'll be a guy who's going to get some opportunities there."

On the type of player Shepard is

"He's a complete player, he's not a finesse guy."

On how Darian Thompson stood out to him

"I studied Darian on a couple different occasions ... he's the one who jumped out at me. High character guy, good ball skills, he can tackle in the open field and he plays in a variety of roles."

On Thompson's "twitch"

"He can stick his foot in the ground and go from 0 to 60 pretty quick."

Marc Ross, Vice President of Player Evaluation

On why Shepard's size isn't a concern

"That's the knock on little guys -- are they tough and can they play big? (Shepard) does both. He is very tough. He'll go inside with no fear, catch the ball, take a hit, make guys miss and keep going."

On Shepard's route tree

"He runs it all. The offense they run at Oklahoma, he runs all the routes unlike some of the college systems now where they just kind of run up the field and turn around. This guy runs an NFL route tree."

On what makes Thompson different from other safeties on roster

"(Thompson) is a free safety, but can also play strong safety. He plays that way there, really good ball skills, feel for the game, competitiveness, size ... what we liked is that he's done both."

What distinguishes Thompson when making interceptions

"This guy's a ball hawk, his instincts are what separates him. He can anticipate where a route is and where the ball is going and he jumps on it."