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2016 NFL mock draft: Leonard Floyd, Myles Jack choices for Giants in final mock roundup

The Giants get a pair of linebackers in our last mock draft roundup

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We've done it. With only three and a half days left until the 2016 NFL Draft, we've reached our final mock draft roundup. Or at least our final regularly scheduled one.

As you're well aware, a pair of blockbuster trades to the top of the first round has set countless previous mock drafts on fire, making hours if guessing basically worthless. So, until something else comes along to blow up the mock drafts (other than the draft itself, that is), here are a couple mock drafts to get you ready for the real thing, and check our our mock draft database for how a full record of the mock drafts.

Mocking The Draft

10. New York Giants: Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia

Over the past several weeks, Floyd has been consistently associated with the Giants. He's a talented player who can play multiple roles in the defense.

Raptor's Take: Opinions are thoroughly divided on Floyd. Is he a unique player who's best football is still ahead of him and can provide the defense with options and athleticism it just doesn't currently have, or is he a skinny, old, future bust? My view tends towards the former, and I've begun to view Floyd as a bigger, more explosive "Michael Boley" who can cover, blitz, and pick up the spare after the defensive line blows up the blocking. Regardless, I think that if the Giants take Floyd, it means that they have a plan to use him.

Sports Illustrated - Peter King

10. New York Giants: Myles Jack, LB, UCLA.

Let the debate begin over Jack's health. Or continue. Some NFL teams think Jack eventually will need microfracture surgery on the wounded knee that was surgically repaired last fall. Microfracture surgery is risky, and not every player responds the same to it. But I hear the Giants think Jack's knee is OK. If it is, New York has the best sideline-to-sideline linebacker in the draft, and that's been a huge position of need on the Giants defense.

Raptor's Take: If any team in the NFL knows dodgy knees, it's the New York Giants. They have had a pair of big contributors have their careers ended by knee problems in Steve Smith and Kenny Phillips. In fact, those are two players I've seen referenced in discussion of Jack's knee. The Giants let both leave for the Philadelphia Eagles over concerns for their knees. So while the previous strength and conditioning staff is open to its fair, and sizable, share of criticism for the Giants' status as the NFL's injury dynasty, their medical staff seems to have a good handle on if, when, or how a player will recover from injury. They have given the Giants good advice on when to part ways with injured players, so if they are comfortable with Jack's knee, as King suggests, the pick at least merits strong consideration. As a player, he could help transform the Giants' defense.